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FDC Publishing Company
Publishing First Day Cover Catalogues for over 30 years. 

What is a First Day Cover?

When a new stamp is issued by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), it is offered for sale in (usually) only a single U.S. city on ONE day and then throughout the country on the second day and thereafter.  That date of sale in a single city is designated as the "official" First Day Of Issue.   Envelopes (known in stamp collecting as "covers") postmarked with the new stamp with this first day date are known as "First Day Covers".    This postmark is a special cancel that is applied to the new stamp.  These cancellations can never again be duplicated after the grace period allowed by the USPS to secure such postal markings.  Thus, First Day Covers are a limited edition piece of postal history and are sought after by collectors around the world.

What is a Cachet?
(pronounced Ka-SHAY)

A cachet is a design of words and/or pictures which refers specially to the new stamp on the FDC (First Day Cover).  Designs are usually found on the front, left side of the envelope (cover). They can be printed, rubber stamped, individually hand created, or pasted-on.  The purpose of a cachet is to enhance the meaning and appearance of the cover.
Many collectors seek  FDCs with various cachets by different artists.  Over the years many of the cacheted FDCs have become valuable.  Today there are just 300 or so different cachetmakers creating designs for new First Day Covers.

The Cachet Makes the Difference
Same Stamp !!  --  Same First Day!!
Different Cachets-- Very Different Prices!

Which of these
Covers is Worth...............

Which Two of these
Covers Contain 1st Cachets?



Your Collection of First Day Covers
may be More Valuable than you think!

Our series of First Day Cover Catalogs
illustrate, price and catalog
every known cacheted FDC from 1901 through 1969.
Over  $500,000 in FDCs are cataloged.

Our catalogues will help you
organize, identify and price
your cover collection. Thousands of photos and prices of cacheted
 first day covers will quickly let you identify your cachets and fill in the
missing gaps in your collection.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced First Day Cover collector, you will find these catalogs will pay for themselves.

Answers to the above Cover Quiz

A  $40 (1st WCO)
B  $1500 (Dorothy Knapp)
C  $5 (Artcraft)
D $30 (CC/K.Boll)
E  $6 (Pent Arts)
F  $20 (1st Artmaster

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